Wedding Photographers and how to be sure you have found the right one

Besides choosing your wedding gown and selecting your reception venue, deciding upon your chosen wedding photographer has got to be one of the most critical decisions you will have to make in the lead up to your big day. After all, your wedding photographs will serve to be a lasting memento of a key defining aspect of your life. You want this to be captured with love, sensitivity and style …right? So, where do you even begin?

Wedding Photographer

 Imagery and Style

To start your initial research, you need to decide upon a certain photography style and look that you wish your wedding photography to reflect. Look around at different photography websites, and take inspiration from as many image based sources as you can. Social media apps such as Pinterest or Instagram or popular wedding magazines and blogs can be a fantastic place to start. These media outlets can help you to decide upon your chosen look and feel and will most probably attribute and link the photography they have used to particular professional photographers.

Don’t forget your hashtags! Narrow your search criteria to #weddingphotography, #wedding, #weddingplanning, or #professionalphotography to hone your results into a credible list to prioritise.

Bride and Groom kissing on beach

Different photography styles include:

Portrait Photography: Util the last decade, this was arguably the main wedding photography available for the bride and groom, with very little alternative choices available. Traditionally, formally arranged shots of the bride and groom, family and friends left little room for natural, in the moment poses. More recent movements in this style of photography have seen elements of this photography incorporated with modern and funky props or by asking the bride and groom to pose in front of an iconic and memorable spot.

Due to increasing demand for diversity, a great deal of professional wedding photographers will now combine a mixture of traditional portrait images of your day, alongside a more contemporary wedding portfolio.

Fine Art Photography: Fine Art Photography, whilst creatively capturing the story of your day, will convey an almost hazy light, with the use of warm tones and soft hues to give a muted appearance to their images. Images can be either colour or black and white.

Documentary: As the name suggests, this style of photography aims to tell the story of your wedding from the very beginning of your day; as you drink champagne and nervously prepare for the big day ahead, through to the tearful father of the bride speech and very last celebratory sparkler. Good documentary photographers will expertly blend into the background, capturing the key moments with ease, and seamlessly weaving the images into the story of your day.


As with any key supplier for your special day, remember to check out their customer testimonials and look at their websites for a feel of the photography they shoot. With every photographer, you are considering on your shortlist, it is essential you arrange to meet them in person. And of course, finding a photographer via word of mouth or via recommendations from your existing booked suppliers is always a good place to start!

Face to Face

Not only an essential process for defining the look and feel of photography for your day, it is the only way you can truly decide if the photographer in question is on your wavelength and can capture what you are truly looking for. After all, if you do not immediately gel with them, how can you relax and enjoy your day when they are pointing a camera lens in your direction? You need to feel confidence in your photographer that they will be unobtrusive amongst you and your wedding guests; yet have the presence to organise and deftly photograph your day as you want it, with no a moment missed.

Look at their portfolio and ask to see a selection of recent wedding albums – the pictures from start to finish of the couple’s wedding day. Be reflective. Do the images you view reflect how you would also like to portraited as a couple on your own special day? Does the photographer capture the elements of the day that you too would be looking to document? Are the images expertly composed and clearly in focus? Ask questions. Lots of questions!

Of course, not only should the right photographer be receptive to your questions, in order to best represent you as a couple, they too should be inquisitive of you and your day. Speaking from my own experience as a professional photographer, it is essential to me to know as much as I can about you both as a couple, what you love, what makes you tick, and how you wish your day to be captured.

Is the price right?

Finally, read the small print. Photographers often advertise a standard fee which will include the core elements of your day for an advertised amount of hours, a set amount of images on disk and printed photography. Optional extras can vary between suppliers, and can include additional options such as pre-wedding shoots or images printed to canvas or acylic.


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